About Us

Legal Jobs is an executive HR consultancy agency dedicated to the ethical, timely and successful placement of top-tiered talent as well as semi-skilled labor. We work across all industry sectors, starting with highly qualified hotel managers, ending with experienced construction workers. Our company has always employed a simple yet effective approach to each project and fulfill our clients’ expectations at its best. We are committed to helping organizations increase their productivity through better use of the human resources and to enable companies to obtain real competitive advantages.


- Provide greater career opportunities for citizens of Uzbekistan
- Enhance the expertise of our labor sector
- Establish long term relationship with major companies across the world
- Strengthen the political bonds with other countries


- Continually improve individual and organizational effectiveness
- Anticipate and meet the changing needs of the workforce / family
- Champion career and professional growth
- Creating and enhancing strategic partnerships

Why Do We Stand Out

  • Intensive language courses provided by partner language center
  • Specialized training courses from a licensed institution
  • Wide Database of skilled and unskilled labor force
  • Partnership with top inernaional universities in Uzbekistan